Friday, August 14, 2009


Good Morning! About to head on over to Linda's load up my things in Kathy's car and then we will be off on down the rad to Sebring for the Fried Green Tom Crop. Love that place, love weekend crops, love the company, miss some other company that will not be there, and love Linda's cooking! What more can one ask for?

My mom told Oscar I was leaving and now he will not stop whinning! He is pathic! Poor baby! He will miss his momma, but yet he has his garndma here, and she does spoil him too even though she does not admit it! She even said "my boy" the other day when talking to him.

OK, potty, one more look around for items I might have forgotten (yes cutter just remembered!) and then on the road. Have a wonderful day / weekend. Will check in from Sebring since they have wireless will be bringing the laptop!

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