Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today has been an awsome day

It is Friday! Going out to dinner with friends at a place I have been wanting to try and have yet to eat there. Then, tomorrow is the Tim Holtz class. I do have to work for a little while on Sunday morning, but then after work heading over to Kip's so she can leave for Orlando's CHA stuff. I get the boys to play with for a few days. No Rock, will miss him, but I will have Mudgy and Max to keep me entertained. What more could I ask for? Well, I could ask for alot more....but I will not be greedy. Works are in play for something that I have been wanting to come come true. Now, let me just wait it out before it falls thru.

While at Kip's I need to get out in th epool and get me a tan. I am Greek, I should not be Caspers cousin! I am determined to get myself a tan this summer. One way or another I need to make the time. Not a dark one, just no more white legs! Tired of them! Cant wear crop pants to work as I do not want to blind people!

Well, better get off of here, since I am just taking a quick break. Will try to post more soon! Have a great weekend


elle said...

have fun time at the class tomorrow Michele, i know it's gonna be great!

since the pool is steps away i'm sure you'll be able to get in the sun a bit each day.


Jenn(ifer) said...

We are all dark as can be up here. Tyler looks like he's from another country at this point! But yeah we've been swimming every weekend and been to the beach 2x this we are dark.