Thursday, July 09, 2009

Heading to North Carolina in the morning

So today has been fun and interesting. Left work early as I had a ton of things to do. Well, I packed in no time flat. Things were looking good. I stopped by Linda's for a moment, then headed over to Janet's to pick up a punch I bought. I pulled out of her driveway and the car hesitated, but then was fine. Made it a couple more blocks before it decided to completely turn off. I was at a stop light and next to me was the Advance Auto store. That is great except for the fact that it is on a BIG hill to get up into the parking lot. Well, dumb ass me thought, I can do this! Mind over matter. I have a SUV not a little compact car. Needless to say, I could not do it, and it started rolling backwards, and yep the door slammed into my knee. Finally a few guys stopped and helped me out. Took 4 guys to push it up the hill into the parking lot. I can not find the paper as to when I got the battery. Fingers crossed that is all that is wrong with it. I drove to the bank, picked up dinner, came home and ate. Waited about 30 minuets then I went to get some gas now instead of the morning, and then drove back to the auto parts store to have them check the battery again. He said it was still showing as being charged. I would think that if it was the alternator then the battery would have drained some? Going to do a few things then will go and see about starting the car again. Just hope I can make it to the airport in the morning, and my mom makes it home from the airport. Linda offered to take me, but I think - no - I know it will all work out and we will make it!

Probably will not blog while I am away, good excuse on my part huh? lol Take care!

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