Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bet your tired of looking at the Wordless Wednesday

So time sure flies when your having fun. There has been so many times I have thought...oh man I better blog. And as you can see, that has not happened. Now, I will try to make this a short catch up post. And then I WILL blog daily this week.

Thursday: Not much just work! I went in at 6am again to get the statements checked so I could approve them to be mailed out to customers, well the statements were there, but I could not save them. The save function disappeared in the program I was using. Nothing would work no matter what I tried. Had to wait til 8am when the IT department came in. I had other things I worked on, so all was good. Since I went in so early, I was able to leave early to start my 3 day weekend.
Friday: Went to Violette's, got my mom out of the house. Since she stopped by the Birthday crop and saw the Flower soft product and fell in love..had to get some for her. Called around all the Tampa stores and no one had it. So, of to Lakeland we went. On our way home we stopped by my aunts home to check on it, she is back in New York. There has been lots of rain in Lakeland too, so wanted to make sure all was OK, but could only check from the outside. Now, I did not eat breakfast and it was now lunch time so I decided that we needed to eat at Fred's. It is one of the brothers that used to co-own Buddy Freddy's. Well, let me tell you. If your ever in Lakeland on Harden you have to eat there! I had a little bit of this and a little bit of that so, I could try as much as possible. We are talking fried green tomatoes, creamy mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, turnips, sliced smoked pork, peach cobbler, and a spoonful of banana pudding. I was so full and no I did not eat any diner! On the way back from Lakeland we stopped off at The Scrapbook shop. Nothing really jumped out at me, Mom wanted to go so we went while she would agree to go. Besides it had her out of the house, that is all that matters. Nighttime had Linda and I going to see Public Enemies. It was a good movie, but I am glad I did not go at midnight with my friend. It was not a midnight worthy movie. But still good. Come on, Johnny Depp - yum.
Saturday: Attempted to mow. Started mowing, it rained, it stopped, so I started again. Sure enough, started again. I did get 90% of the yard mowed (did not make it finishing it today, totally forgot I did not finish oops). Publix run for a good 4th meal. Bought their fried chicken with all the fixings. Love when they have the Buy one get one free items on things I planned on buying even without coupons.
Sunday: Our cable went out on Saturday, just the cable the Internet and phone was fine. So, I knew that I did not cut a wire when I was mowing. The amp died and had to be replaced, also had him replace one of the DVR's. They are old ones, still worked but the one in the living room had started acting up. Did a few things around the house and then took another nap. Only planned on about an hour, but 3 hours later I was up. So needless to say, I did not do half of the to do list. But I got my mom out of the house and that is the main thing. Di did not plan that one, but it happened and that is all that matters.

Yawning and it is only 924pm. I have clothes in the washer so I have to wait on them. I think I will be in bed by 10. Even though I had a 3 hour nap, I am tired. Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th. Another 3 day week for me this week. Can not wait til Friday! OK, close for now cause this is long. Will blog more tomorrow. Have a great evening everyone! Hugs and well wishes to Ellie


:Jayne said...

It's all that fresh air! I want to get some flower soft too. It's on my list of things to look for on our adventures.
Sounds like you and mom had a great day. Don't work to hard tomorrow.

Kip said...

Now where is Fred's? I love the buddy freddy's there as that is where the original cook still is I heard and she makes the best fried chicken but would love to try Fred's too. Is it the one more downtown?