Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just love having a lake in my bedroom

So, how much rain did you get last night? We had a lake in our yard, and all down the street when I left to go to Mary's to check on the cats. I rolled up my jeans to my knees (yeah should have just changed into shorts) and went barefoot out to the car. It went up to my shin walking to my car. Well, water build up on the back porch and flooded into our utility room. Which was so much that it then went out into the hallway infront of my room and then into my room! Yes, lots of things will be now at the city dump! Anything in plastic I think is ok, but everything that I had not changed over to plastic, or that is on my floor is now ruined. The water receeded overnight, but there is 60% chance for today. This morning I blocked off where the water came in from, hopefully I blocked it off enough that we will not have a repeat preformance. I know we really need rain bad, but not all that all at once. It could have been worse so I guess I should not complain too much.

Why do people ask for information and then when you give get questioned? Why say "if that is the case" to me and then send the email to who you should have in the first place and say in that email to them "if this is accurate". But love it when you get told "that is correct" about the information I gave you from the other person you ask. I may not remember what I did a few days ago, but I damn sure remember everything work wise. Sometimes, I wish I did not remember it all. Maybe that is why I have nothing left over for my everyday life brain. Do not try to belittle me at work, it will not work - you will not win! I take my job very seriously. And now my reports are done and I need to get back to it.

Have a great day and be safe

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Jenn(ifer) said...

I guess you can look on the brightside and know that at least you'll have a cleaner room! lol

If people only knew how much stuff is in your room, they'd understand the severity of the situation.