Monday, May 18, 2009

It is gonna be a bright sun shinny day

Well, not so much here today, but that sing just popped into my head. How was your weekend? Mine was busy and lazy both at the same time. I am 98% done with the scrapbook that I did for my friend at work Charla. It is a birthday present for a relative that is having his 80th birthday this coming weekend. It was a little tough as some pictures were old, some did not go with others. It was just plain hard. She gave them to me in the order that she wanted them in the book, but there was some that just plain was tough to make as double layouts. One picture was a 2x2 of him in his Amry uniform. I could not bring myself to scrap a 2x2 of that picture, so I had to blow it up to a 5x7. I just could not do it small, and she said "oh no it is ok. Sorry, but not ok for me. I think when she sees it she will be happy I blew it up. Going to go show her in a few mins the rough draft of th ebook and see what she thinks so far. I know she will love it and cry, as she did for her daughters birthday book that I did.

I have a simi-non smelling room now. I got 98% of the was wet/still wet items up from under my bed and beside my bed. Lots of scapbooking paper was thrown out. They were in cardboard items waiting to be organized into plastic items. Well, now they are organized to the city dunp via the garbage cans. There is a faint smell now, not sure if there is something I missed or maybe it is the baseboards. Not sure if I blocked the rain from coning into the utility room fully yet, wont know until there is another hard rain. We shall see.

Computer issues over the weekend. Our "explorer" already will not launch. So we use this mozilla prgram. Well, Saturday and Sunday it wouls only stay up for about 10 mins and then fail. I had to keep resetting it. I would try to respond to emails, and it would kick me off before I sent the email. Tried to blog, and would get 5 sentences typed out, and poof it was gone. This morning I was on for about 20 mins and no reasetting. So, fingers crossed it is ok today. Now of coarse it did not prevent me from playing Egg Breakers! It did prevent me from getting all my coins in ToVille, but Egg Breakers is better than YoVille now anyways. I have been playing level 13 which I found out is the last level for now. Yes, I am not at 100% on 9-12, but I really like level 13! Lots more coins and prizes! That is how I have so many points right now. I have stopped buying eggs, mainly been winning them. Had a great run of it this weekend, but this morning not so good. Yes, addicted thanks Linda.

So, I went to the used book store again. Bought some Nora Roberts, Nicklous Sparks, and replaced my Sugar Daddy book. Was going to get a couple of Jodi Picoult books but I think I have them from Kip that are Linda's. Will have to look and see and then mayve get them. They have a week night special buy 3 get 1 free after 5pm. Since I went Friday to feed Mary's kids, I stopped by there before they closed. Might have to go to that one in Sebring.

OK, computre finally did all it's updates so now I need to get busy. Hope everyone has a great Monday. I am having some serious bad hair day...gotta love the weather!

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Jenn(ifer) said...

it is NICHOLAS Sparks, WOMAN!