Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good Morning

And how is everyone this morning? Same old here....tired, do not want to be at work but have to be at work. Next couple of days are going to suck, Alexis is off. She keeps me grounded at work so I do not hurt someone or myself. Today is her sisters birthday and tomorrow is her husbands birthday. It will be a sure thing that it will be a headphone kind of day. Thank goodness for as my Zune battery is dead.

I am so excited that this weekend is Memorial Day. Well, some what. Can you beleive they scheduled a change to cycle 23 bills? Well, what that means for me....I have to verify the information is correct on the statements before they go out to the customers. Well, that means I have to check "pretest" on Saturday and then "live" on Sunday! Yes, there goes my weekend. Lucky for me, I only have to do this for a few hours not a all day thing. But still on a 3 day weekend? They should have done it for cycle 21 or 25 not 23! The only bright side will be that I will get overtime for the working, and man do I need overtime! It is about to be null and void since we have Mike back. But yet we are still missing one body and not caught up from all the projects thrown our way. The other reason I like Memorial day is because it is the start of the Blockbuster Movies! Starting today with Terminator and tomorrow Night at the Museum. There will be many from now until after Summer that looks great.

Well, not much of importance just rambles. So, I better go downstairs and get some ice. I love the ice machine on the 1st floor. Ours up here sucks! And we have pepsi up here only coke machine is on the first floor. But I have some sprite zero to get me cranking so I need this tervis tumbler filled with ice. I usually do not like lots of ice, but with this machine I get crunching on it! lol As I said.....rambling! Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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