Saturday, April 11, 2009

Should be packing

Yes, once again I am not done packing! I did have about 4 items in the suitcase, but then took them out and decided to wash the items as they were new. I did not want that new clothes yucky feel or smell. So, will try to make this quick.
Jennifer and I headed down to Sarasota. We ate lunch first before we started the usual Bradenton / Sarasota / St Armonds tour. I just love doing the tour, I love where Cody lives. We took a different way home, and we hit up the really nice Publix that has a Carrabas at the entrance. Great store! I got Jennifer hooked on Salt & Pepper cashews, since they are b1g1 until today, had to get her some. Then we decided to stop at Ellenton Outlet! BIG MISTAKE! But I did get 50.00 shows for 7.48, so I can not complain. I also got a couple more short outfits. They are washing now too. So then I can pack. Stopped off at Super Target in Riverview picked up a couple of salads to eat for dinner. Naturally I had to play egg breakers, and check mail. Now, I have some serious packing to do! Tomorrow heading to Lakeland. Will blog tomorrow night.

Happy Birthday Elle! Happy Birthday Causey (ex husband lol)

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