Thursday, April 02, 2009

Good Morning

So, I just realized something last night....Arizona is just around the corner and I am no where near ready. Now, not only do I need to get ready for Arizona but I also need to get ready for Jennifer too. Here is my plan at this moment: I am taking Thursday and Friday of next week off. I will go to Georgia next Wednesday after work. The bugga's are on Spring Break those days, so I will go up early to spend a little bit of time with them. Jennifer has to work, so I will get to spend time with them. I am thinking of taking them to see Monster's vs Aliens. Then either Friday night or Saturday early morning will come here to Tampa so Jennifer can spend some time here visiting. Then on Monday Morning very early we head out to Arizona. Will be there until Friady night. Now I will head back to Georgia either Saturday night or early Sunday morning so Jennifer can visit a little more. The best thing is: I will be off from work for 12 days, and only using 3 of my vacation days. How cool is that? The bad thing will be when I return to work. Lucky for me we have Mike here now, so he will do my work while I am gone. And even though I will have my "out of office" turned on, Alexis will check my mail. I got word from my friend Charla who works in our HR department that the packages was sent out yesterday, so I should get it today. That is really good as I was starting to panic since I am off some of next week.

Man it has turned hot! Some parts are still geiing snow, and yet I walk into a house that was 85 degrees. No air was on at all. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Turned on a few fans when I got home and it got a little better, but man that was not something fun to come home to.

Need to go get me some cheese grits and work my reports. So, I better get off of here for now. Sending out hugs to Kathy, Jill, and a few others. Thinking of you all today and always! Wanted to make sure you know.


Jenn(ifer) said...

yeah I'm not all that ready either. Dylan's crying just about everyday because of me leaving...makes me feel so bad.

I need to get some luggage locks after reading on Yahoo news how airport workers like to go through suitcases & steal stuff. Uh, I'll hurt someone! Darn it!

Cheryl said...

I'm working on getting the boy for an Easter meet up with Jenna. Since it looks like that will be our only chance, I'll Make it happen.