Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday night

Quick post..went to Lakeland this morning. Got there a little early so I stopped by Publix to get some ketchup for our cook out with Aunt Mary and Uncle Eddie. Nope no coupons in hand, well then I ended up with a few thanks to the in store coupons. I ended upending 24.xx and saved 22.xx. And All I was after was ketchup. You know how you get sidetracked and buy? Well, that was me. So, I started out for the ketchup and walked by the salad dressing that was on sale b1g1 and saw that they had Jennifer's favorite hard to find Italian Pesto - so I got all that they had (8 bottles). Did remember to get the ketchup. Next I had to pick up some drinks, they had a coupon buy 2 coke products and get a free bag of pretzels. Who can pass that up, not me! Also, they had Lucky Charms (my favorite) B1G1 free and attached to it was a free recycle bag when you buy 2 boxes coupon. Yep, I just could not pass that up. They had a really cute green one that had a flower design on it. So, a simple bottle of ketchup and drinks turned into 24.xx, but I saved 22.xx (lol). See, even when I save I still buy extra that I did not need. And I sure I probably had salad dressing coupons here at home. But could not pass up the dressing since I finally found it, and I can not find it here in Tampa.

After Publix I went to Violettes. I called yesterday and they said they would be open at 11am today instead of 1pm. So, still got there about 10 mins before they were supposed to open. Sitting out in the parking lot. Another person comes driving up and walks right on in! They had been open all along! The car I was parked next to that was empty was not an employees car, it was a shopper that was already in there they whole time we were sitting there! My mom just busted out laughing, of coarse I am like WHAT THE HELL! I am spoiled from Hilltop and KnK, I only spent less that 5.00! I only bought two cruise sticker sheets.

Onto my Aunts, had a nice little visit. She is down for 3 months and then goes back to New York. Both my Aunt and Uncle are now Retired. Mary retired one day and then 3 days later they were here. They brought along their 3 dogs and 2 cats. Yes, animal lovers! They rode well she said. No dummy me did not bring my camera to get pictures of the babies. Will remember to get some next time as I have to show you them. Will have to see if Holly (DOG)will let me take pictures of her. She is very shy and usually hides. She was in the room with us, and before we left we were even able to pat her. That is a major feat in itself. Duke (dog) the big lovable baby was all kisses before I could even walk in the door. He is such a sweet big baby. JT (cat) was up in my lap many times. Needless to say when Mom and I got home, Oscar was not happy with us.

OK, going to run and watch that new show Kings. It has Ian McShane from the HBO show Deadwood, or the dad from We are Marshall. Loved him in both especially Deadwood. I will probably love it, and it will probably not last. Hell, they put it at 8pm opposite of Amazing Race and Extreme Home Makeover. 2 very popular shows. Oh well will watch as long as I can.

Dawn thinking of you, sending out cyber hugs for now.

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Cheryl said...

Sounds like a fun day. Maybe I'll get over to lakeland before they leave this time.