Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me Monday the catch up way

I would not go down to Bonita Springs for the KNK Sock Hop weekend crop with tons of great times in store for me, when I know full well I have packing and cleaning to do before April 10...NOPE NOT ME Yes we had a blast. We left a little later than we planned, and then fell upon a few other minor things that made us even later than we had hopped to have gotten on the road. We arrived just a little bit before they closed down the crop for the night. We still got unpacked, our hello's in before we had to go to the hotel. That was just down the road from the crop so it was not so bad.

I would not leave a weekend crop to go "just down the road" to Michaels with a couple of people because I needed a couple of items...NOPE NOT ME. Cathy, Dawn, and I started off for Michael's as Cathy needed a blade for her cutter, and I needed a few things too. We thought Michaels was just a few miles away, it ended up being alot further than that. We even stopped at 2 craft stores since we were passing by them. One was Owl and the Pussycat, a stamp store. I called it a Diana Becker store, as I could see her making many wonderful beautiful items with the stamps in that store. We finally did find the Michaels. And what I wanted they did not have. So, I only ended up getting the staze on cleaner.

I would not stop to eat at a Mexican Restraunt on our way back even though there was really good food to be had at the crop...NOPE NOT ME. Well, since we were out and about making our way back to the crop, and it was way past lunch time and not close to dinner time. We decided to stop by this Mexican restraunt that was near our hotel. It was advertised on a billboard saying how wonderful they were. Well, the billboard did not lie! It was really good! They bring out free chips and salsa. Those were the best chips I have ever had, and the salsa was really good too. Had the seafood taqquito (shrimp and blue crab) and man was it good. They also had marguatas that looked mouth watering, but since we had a long night ahead I chose not to have one. Yes, I am still kicking myself on that one.

I would not get home and get right on Yoville since I was bearly on it all weekend (hotel computer was slow as a turtle), again knowing I have a ton of stuff to do....NOPE NOT ME. Yes, I got home and got on the computer to enter some CTMH orders to get it finalized, check mail, check a few sale blogs, and then check Yoville. The competive side of me was trying to earn the last few badges I need. I did earn one more. So, I have all Emerald Badges, and one Diamond. It will take me sometime to get my diamond badges but I will do it. Yes, pathic posting about Yoville. And soon will probablly be addicted to Egg Beaters, but I need some hammers as I already used them all up. Gotta figure out that game.

Now keep a few peole in your prayers as they have the weight of the world on their shoulders right now. Lets help lift that weight.

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