Saturday, March 14, 2009

Guess I better post

Just realized I did not post Thursday or Friday so I thought I better blog today, since it has been one week since my last posting. As you all know we are back from our wonderful cruise. We had so much fun! Not just the big picture, but all of the little things too! From the CLR games, to me getting carded (yes you read that correct), to the shows, to me reading a book (the whole book in two days). And especially the classes! I did not fully finish them, but I am 99% done on Linda's and 97% done on Jules. They were both great classes. I was lucky and got to room with Dawn, just wish she lived closer so she could come to more things...just love her! Most all of the pictures have been posted up on the Hilltop Yahoo Group, and on a few can be found on Kip's. And I will post a few on here over the next few days. Great pictures so it is hard to chose which ones to get.

I have a free weekend, and I have so much to do as always. I am deciding if I want to go today or tomorrow to visit my Aunt Mary. She is here for a few months from New York over at her home in Lakeland. Now since I will be in Lakeland, I think I need to visit Violettes since I have not been in awhile. And I will have my mom with me, so she can go too.

Remember those Croc sandles over from Kips site? Well they are really nice on, so I ordered a few pairs too. They have 10% off and then today they have 20% off, so that will be 30% off....and free shipping! Cool deal. Will have to keep an eye on that place for even more deals, as they have all kinds of Crocs that are cute.

OK, gonna go get busy will check back in later today with an update. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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Jenn(ifer) said...

Glad u had fun on your cruise! The pics were all good.

I can't do it... I can't give into that whole 'Crocs' thing. But it sounds like some good deals.