Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today will be a strong test of my strength

Today will be a strong test of my strength at work. See, they (they being Customer Service managers)have decided to change the way the house entries and verifies are done. Now, I am fine with that, except for the fact that Alexis and I are the ones that do this job in the Billing Department. One would think that when they decided to do this, they would involve the people that do the job on a daily basis? That would be a....nope! The way Alexis found out was because a friend of hers went theu the training of the new process and then aimed Alexis asking what was up with her job. Fast forward to today...the process starts today! Alexis and I have yet to be involved. Kim (scrapbook feet person - yes she is involve in the change) went to the tri county office to train with their process, and has yet to ask us any questions about our process. I sent an email to the person that was training her last week, and she will get with us today when the process starts as she has questions for us. Now, do you think it would have been wise to ask these questions before launch of something? Can we say the whole thing is being done Ass backwards? The concept in general will be for the better, however a few things that we do goes thru the same process and does not in tri county. Kim does not need her hands in that process.

OK, better stop typing as I am already getting upset. Guess I will go have me a fattening breakfast from downstars (grits w/cheese), but hell they are not even here yet! UGH. Just gotta keep telling myself..... April.... April.... April ..... April .... April

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Kip said...

Yup, sounds just like a corporate thing!