Friday, January 02, 2009

So busy on Thursday forgot to post

Hello Friday, wish I was off...but that is ok. Most all of you already know the Viacom vs TW/BHN reached a deal at the very last moment so the channels did not go off the air. I did really good...I went to The Scrapbook Shoppes 40% off sale and did not buy anything. Since I was so lucky and got alot of things for Christmas from my Stocking Pal there was nothing I could not live without. Now I did get a few Martha Stewart border punches from Michaels though. They had all Martha Stewart stuff 40% off, but a sign above it saying Christmas 50% off. So, I made them adjust it to the 50% off. After that I went home and made 4 baby books for my friend Denise at work. She at first said she did not need them til Monday so I was going to do them this weekend. Well, they are having a party on Saturday where all the people will be at that will be getting the books. So, I had to hurry up and do them. Gave them to her this morning and she was very pleased. Now I need to do one more for her, this time for a little boy.

Today: So far a good day. Realized I made my perfect attendance at work. So I kept one of my 2008 goals! This means I will get an extra day off to take at work (using it for Winter Retreat) and will get a luncheon with all the others that made Perfect attendance. And that day will be a half day. Then I looked up my pay stub and they put the pay rate increase on this check not the next check. What I was paid for today was what I worked in 2008, but they still gave us the 2009 amount. That is very perfectly fine with me. gave me a few extra dollars I was not counting on. Then I looked on my Credit Union's account to see that I made my last payment on my car! It is now paid off in full. I set it up to take out on every pay check that I get, so it paid off esrlier than it should have. Well, actually I would have had it paid off back in November, but a few times since I was so far ahead I had them not take out the payment. It is still paid off 2 months before it should have been. What a nice feeling not to have that payment anymore. Now maybe I can get caught up on a few bills. Light Bill and water bill will go down as Cody will be moving out on Sunday So that will help too. I am working the whole day, but after work I will be joing Linda and heading down to Ruskin for a mini crop. Kip and Jules will be there already. Mary had to bail out as hubby is not well. Hope he gets better soon Mar Mar - will miss ya!

Better get off of here and get back to work. Probablly wont blog again til Saturday night or Sunday. Take care and have a wonderful weekend


Jennifer L Fisher said...

Congrats on getting perfect attendance! Happy New Year!

Jenn(ifer) said...

Sounds like your 2009 is off to a great start. Like I said "count your blessings"

Now, you should keep paying that car payment to your savings account each month & you'd have a nice chunk put back in case of hard times :)

:Jayne said...

I think 2009 is going to be a good one for you!
Congrats on paying off the car and the pay raise! Congrats on perfect attendance!