Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Are you all ready for Christmas tomorrow? I am not fully ready. Somewhat ready. I am over at Kips dog sitting the 3 dogs, and just chilling out. Big screen tv and a lap top what more can I ask for? I do not need much. Right now the 3 guys are sleeping so I thought I would blog real quick. Do you know how hard / fun it is trying to love all 3? If one thinks you are giving the other more attention...then you get nudged or jumped on. Rocco is very funny! He is mellow, but he did get hyper for a moment and wanted to play ruff with me. He snores. Right now he is on the couch behind me with his head on the pillow snoring. Wish I would have brought my camera with me. And if I get up to get my phone I am afraid he will follow me. I was walking around the house just to see how long anyone would follow...mudgy was the first to give up then Max. Which ever room I end up in is where they are at. They are all so sweet!

Tomorrow I am going to go out and have Christmas dinner with Kip and Woody at the beach. I am going to stay tomorrow night so she can stay out there tomorrow night too. Woody will need help backing up the big RV. I already had my special Christmas, so this will be ok. Already gave my mom what she wanted...but there is one surprise still for her. But no big deal. Cody seems like he can care less. He did not give me a wish list or anything. Do not even know if he is going to see his "father". Think we are going to Cheryls on Saturday. Kind of wish I could manage to go to Jennifers. Her brother that lives in Ohio will be there. I have not seen him in many years. They are getting there some time today I think. And only staying til Saturday. If I could get out of work on Friday all together, I might go there from here. I am broke, but I really want to see Andrew. Have some debating to do. Might go after I leave from Kips. The dogs are used to her going to work early. So if I leave early after tending to them, it might work. I could be up there by 1 or 2ish? HUM!

Well hope everyone has a wonderful evening and a very special Christmas.

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Cheryl said...

Glad you had fun with the puppies. It's less fun at the holidays when the kids are "adults". Glad you decided to go see the boys.

We can get together later.