Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

See that I did not post over the weekend, so I will wrap it up (hopefully quickly).

Friday, I actually left work at 4:30! My fill in Manager was shocked. He looked at me like "where are you going". Then he smiled. Did not really do much Friday night. Missed the KNK chat by 5 mins.

Saturday I took my mother shopping for some clothes for her trip in two days. Got her some pants and shirts, and a pair of shoes. Already bought her one of Teresa's wonderful little bags that she can use for her meds. And she is also already packed. Can you tell she wants to go? She packed that night after buying the clothes. Went to Blockbuster and rented a few movies. Mom suffered thru watching one of them. She does not like movies to begin with normally, but this one was really not for her either. Cody and I watched the Bob Dylan one where there are lots of stars that plays Bob Dylan in different stages of his life. that one was good (she did not watch that one, and would not have liked it) if you like Bob Dylan. Jumped around, so you have to pay attention. Also rented Funny Games. It was ok, but not really worth a rental. It is a wait for it on cable and dont waste a movie rental kind.

Sunday, means new sales. Yep, hit up Walgreens and CVS. Walgreens I got 10 things some eye shawdow. No I will not be keeping all of them. Maybe 3. I did not get as good as a deal as some others are getting on it. As in fine print it is up to 3.79 off. Since my Walgreens did not come up as B1G1 free the Manager came over to do the transaction, and he is one that will study the coupon as if it was a pop test after wards. He will stare at the coupon for a good 2-5 mins before actually using it. And that is if he will. CVS was alot better. I usually do not go to Walgreens, but wanted to get the eye shawdow. At CVS I spent $20.27 Out of pocket, Saved $70.25, and earned $15.00 ECB to use on another shopping trip. So, I was happy about that.

Had a little of a downer early afternoon, but Cody and I went to the movies to get mind off of it. We went to see that movie Tropic Thunder. I will admit, I laughed my butt off. It was such a stupid funny movie. I am ashamed to admit some of the things I laughed at I should not have - but it was funny. Robert Downey Jr after being Ironman, was hystercial! He was funnier than Ben Stiller! And then you have Jack Black in the mix too. Then lots of other stars I was not aware of that was in the movie.

OK, need to get to the grind and get working. Today will be a good day, started off I can not find my door key - UGH! Luckily I have the cell number to one of the over nighters so I called him to have him let me in. I got here about 6:25am so no one else was walking in that I could have walked in with. Make it a great day and make the best of it.


:Jayne said...

I hope you have a better week!


Cheryl said...

When is your mother leaving for her trip? Tell her I said bye and hope she has a good time.

Jenn(ifer) said...

oh man...oh man, oh man.

I want to see Tropic Thunder. It looks funny.