Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wanna laugh?

That is about all I can do, it is now funny to me! You know the 2 books I did for a co-worker? Well, she still owes me about 4 movie passes that we "agreed" on. Since she still to this day has not said "thank you, loved it, hated it, or kiss my butt" not one word! Just a few moments ago I got four inner office envelopes, and one of them was 2 movie passes from her. Still not even a note in the envelope, just our names on the outside. Just made me laugh, it is comical now.

Did anyone watch the Bachlorette? I was kind of shocked at who she picked. I was going for a couple other guys. But, after really watching it - I think she might have picked the right one. They already set a date of May 9th 2009. Now, if they last that long. Only one couple has actually gotten married, and have a beautiful baby. A couple have since married other people. Hottie Firestone just got married over the weekend. Oh, they had on After the Rose the Bachlor that just ended that chose Lorenzo Lamas's daughter. They will not last! They did not look happy at all, looked more like - gotta show face and make them think we are still together. Only when they started asking about the break up rumors did they start acting "giddy".

Emails are pourong in, and calls have started - so it of off to the grind. Another fun filled busy day. Great thing about busy days....before you know it - it is time to leave. That is a big plus! Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday.

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Kip said...

You ought to just confront her and say, How did you like the last book? Enough embellishments? LOL