Sunday, July 06, 2008

Anthony Bourdain is lucky

Have you watched the show Anthony Bourdain, No reservations on the Travel Channel? I love that show. He goes to different places and eats and travels his way through the place he is at. Tonight I watched him in Greece. Some of the things he was able to eat, drink, and try - is unbelievable! Very real very fresh (just killed or caught) foods. Now he is in Hawaii. These people that have these shows on the Travel channel are just plain lucky! That would be a dream job! I just to love (still do) the Rachel Ray shows $40 a day. And Samantha Brown., she is now doing weekend getaways. When it is off show season I usually watch a lot of the travel channel. But watching these shows also makes me hate being broke. It has been awhile since I have had my getaways. Hopefully soon - jonesing for a getaway. Savannah is my goal. Not too far, and not too close.

Work tomorrow. UGH! Got enough sleep I think to help rest my brain, as I will be learning alot again this week. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday

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Kip said...

Just checking in with you and hoping your week is going okay.