Friday, April 25, 2008

They say its your birthday.......

Well, not officially yet - but at 2pm today is Mrs Jennifer Ryan Coker's birthday. She is 27 years young. You know how people always have remember things of what they did on certain days. Well, with the day Jennifer being born is a funny one! My sister Cheryl and I was at the hospital, left the hospital to go watch American Gigilo, then went back to the hospital! How funny is that? Love me some Jenna forever and a day! Big hugs and kisses Jenna!

Guess what I did this morning? Ordered me a laptop finally! My work gives discounts for Dell, and they also have an additional 10% off. Now I could have done it thru my paycheck or thru Dell. With my paycheck I would have also had to have put 150.00 down now, then pay on each paycheck. Thru Dell they bill me about 45 days after the laptop has been shipped. The monthly payments are only about 8 dollars differance from money down to pay later. I got an Inspiron 1525 only the 15.4 inch screen. (Kip I am gonna send you the specs and see what you think).

Well, better get back to work. It is almost 10am and I have not done a thing! Shame on me!

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Cheryl said...

We actually were watching AG when we got the call about labor starting. We went to the hospital and when she was taking to long we went back to watch the movie. I think we got interupted again and didn't finish the movie until some time later.

Thanks for not mentioning the Surgical scrub that I "borrowed" because it was so flipping cold in the hospital waiting room. Darn, I wish I still had it.

Congrats on the Laptop. I LOVE mine and DH uses it all day while I'm at work.