Thursday, March 06, 2008

Almost the weekend

Reading Kips Blog, has got me motivated. Now I just have to keep this motivation until I can go grocery shopping. I need to go back to Weight Watchers! I am debating if I wanna start now or after the cruise? I need to do something, was even thinking about the Lapband Surgery - but dont have the money as insurance does not cover all of it. It is still about a thousand dollars out of pocket. My friend has already lost 50 pounds, but I think I found most of it. At our new building we are on the 3rd floor so....stairs it is! I will probablly do the stairs most every time. Alot of the people we need to deal with will be on the first and second floor. So, I will be up and down them suckers all day.

In addition to the stairs on Wednesdays is line dancing. Well, the attempt to line dance again! Did pretty good last night. They did 4 different ones. Could get most of the first one, did get all of the seond, some of the 3rd, and all of the 4th! 2 out of 4 is not bad. And then he will re-do them next week. This way you can practice, and eventually get the dance. Now if I could just remember left and right I would be alot better. Supposed to end on left foot does not always work out too well! I know left and right, but it is a long way from my brain to my foot. And somewhere in the middle I think it takes the wrong turn. It was a bit funny to say the least.


Jenn(ifer) said...

Think of the lapband as an investment in your health and a guarentee that you'll be around to see the boys graduate! :) I know its a lot, but if you save, you could get it done. I want you here a LONG time!

Jules said...

Hey there toots! Could you please drop me an e-mail about my March CTMH order?

And the stairs are a great work out!

Teri said...

Sure wish I lived closer I would go with you! I LOVE line dancing!
Not very good, but love it!

Kip said...

Hey, sounds good, join the WW band wagon..don't wait!!!