Saturday, November 03, 2007


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Here are the pizzas that I got at Nick n Willies! And man the one was a little on the hot side! The first one had chicken, cheese, black olives, onions, jalapinos, and a few other items. The second one is spinach and cheese with sun dried tomotaoes. Cody thought he was on cloud 9! Not only did we have wonderful pizza but he had Chipolti Hummus! Started off dropping off some CTMH to Linda, mailed out some, and then delevered to Kip. Since I was in her neck of the woods, thought I would go to her wonderful stores! They are all that and so much more! Gotta bring Cody over there sometime, he would love the coffee shop / organic food store! Can we say WOW! If I worked over at Division, I would love to live near Kip! All the great stores! Even stopped off at Target, in that same plaza was a Bath and Body works and a Bealls - man all in one area! So many things right there near her house. Now I hope she did not over do it. We took our time and was gone for a little bit. Did not want to over do it. She needed to get out! Mom was tuckered out! Came home ate a late lunch and went to bed for a little bit.


Jenn said...

Pizza looks yummo!

Cheryl said...

I told KIP it is so funny to have to read about your family on her Blog! LOL. Sounds like you all had fun. Glad to hear Mom got out of the house.