Friday, November 23, 2007

I am here

OK, a little sick still. Been thru 2 bottles of stuff and nothing is working! The cough will linger long after the cold is gone, always does. Draw back of the darn bad throat I have.

I was up at 415am, but long enough to go to the bathroom take more medicine, and then back to bed. I decided I did not need to venture out to the stores. Cody has not given me a list yet, already have my moms present bought, and all others could wait. I did not want to fight at Wal-Mart (Jennifer did so I am glad I did not) and then there was RR. I wanted to go, but did not need to go. I have a stocking wish list so I am on strick orders that I can not buy anything - but I would have picked up alot of adhesive at 50%! I am so glad I did not go, feeling bad and long lines - the Greek in me would have came out and it would not have been a pretty sight!

I did venture out to CVS and bought more of different medicines - hopefully they will work. Doubtful, I know the cough is here to stay awhile. Went to one store to pick up for my SSP (can not tell where or it will give it away lol) and then also the gutar store for Cody. I think I will get him a GC to there.

Well, lots to catch up on. Hope everyone had a fun filled day

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:Jayne said...

Mucinex worked wonders for our gang. You can try that, or there's the old vick's on your soles of your feet trick. I hope you feel better soon. It's not like you to miss a RR sale!